😌 Would you love to be a calmer parent, who doesn't end up shouting, but don't know how?

😕 Do you feel confused by all the conflicting parenting advice you see online?

💖 Would you rather follow your instincts when it comes to parenting?

I'm Victoria Maus, a certified peaceful parent coach, and I've put together an online course to help become the parent you've always wanted to be!

✔️ Feel confident in understanding the basics of peaceful parenting

✔️ Know how to communicate with your child in a calmer way

️✔️ Understand why your child doesn't always co-operate first time

✔️ Follow journal prompts to help you work through your own feelings and needs

By the time you've finished you'll be able communicate with your child in a way that minimises overwhelm and strengthens the connection between you.